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             The basis of all good medicine begins with the examination.  While everyone at Jones Animal Hospital is a true animal lover and want to help every pet in need, we are bound by many federal and state laws.  Thus, the need to schedule your pet for an appointment before offering any medical advice or treatment.


Examination...  The heart of the veterinary visit.

Many people believe the main reason to bring your pet in once a year is to administer vaccines…  WRONG!  Vaccines are a tool of preventive medicine, what begins the process is the annual examination.  It is recommended to have a physical exam performed by a veterinarian on at least an annual basis.  Jones Animal Hospital requires annual examinations of all pet species in order to prevent or treat many on-going health problems and in order to be in compliance of WSVMA and WAC guidelines.  Many other pet species do not require annual vaccines, however, in order to perform any other services (nail or wing trims), we will require an annual exam.

And, if you have not noticed, we feel so strongly regarding vaccination as a preventive care tool.  When combined with your annual physical exam, we reward you by greatly discounting the exam.


Full Laboratory Service

Jones Animal Hospital has an on-site laboratory and also has relationships with several outside sources for additional services.  We recently upgraded to a complete IDEXX in-house system including our on-site Urinalysis equipment. 


From Finch to Tiger (yes Tiger), we can provide radiology services.  Our radiographs are also reviewed by a board certified radiologist.  We recently upgraded our Radiology capability with Computer Radiography.

Full Service Pharmacy

For a majority of health conditions, we will be able to provide you and your pet with the medication needed to start therapy immediately, no waiting in line surrounded by sick people!  For special needs, written prescriptions are also available.

Surgical Services

Jones Animal Hospital is prepared to a full range of soft tissue surgeries including but not limited to spay, neuter, de-claws, removal of unwanted growths (and prepare cytologies), and exploratory procedures.

Nutritional Services and Consultations

The right food choice for your pet can be overwhelming.  We are here to help.

Jones Animal Hospital is proud to feature the Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription diet line.  In certain instances, we may recommend diets that we do not carry and will try to find a source for you or possible even order the product if available.

Dental Services

57% of pets age 5 or older have a form of dental disease.  We are able to provide dental screenings, cleanings and extractions on-site.  Should reconstructive work be necessary, referral to a veterinary dentist may be in order.


Should a healthcare intervention require hospitalization, skilled nursing as well as the necessary healthcare equipment are standing by.  If your pet requires advance care, we will gladly arrange the smooth transfer of your pet to a 24-hour facility.

Specialty referral

There may be times that your pet is in need of additional care or advanced diagnostics that are not available immediately on-site, Jones Animal Hospital has a relationship with several referral veterinary specialists.

When it is time to say goodbye...

We will take the time to cover all the aspects of this important and often necessary decision.